About Avi Adler, Bankruptcy Attorney in Detroit, MI

"I always knew that I wanted to use my law degree to help people in need. After moving from Toronto to Detroit, at the peak of the recession, I saw that the community of Detroit was in a real need. Hard working people were now losing jobs and living off of credit cards just to get by. People in Detroit who could not afford medical insurance had medical bills that were piling up. These people just needed a break, a second chance, to get their life together again and start fresh. I knew then, that I wanted to commit my life to helping my community out of this tough time and give them that second chance that they desperately deserve. So I started researching different bankruptcy law firms in Detroit. While I was researching them I noticed a big problem. The big firms that offered quality service were very expensive and the cheap firms were not offering quality service that people deserve. So I started my own firm practicing bankruptcy for Chapter 7 or Chapter 13, addressing those issues and I had one thing on my mind – offer quality Bankruptcy service or Debt Relief that people deserve at an affordable rate."

Avi Adler, your bankruptcy attorney in Detroit, MI

Quality Bankruptcy Service & Debt Relief at an Affordable Rate